Apply for a Small Site

Don't need a full stall but would like to be involved with a space within our tables?


We designed areas within the markets to host those who have some smaller amount of items to put in front of visitors as they flow through the grounds

Small Sites are $25 rather than the $45 3m x 3m stall site option to allow an entry-level presence for your offering

You will have a table on a row of trestle tables of 180cm in length. Feel free to bring a table cloth for your section, a deck chair to sit and any small stands you may want on your table section


Simply fill in an application form below including a little about yourself and our friendly team will be in touch

Arts & Crafts

Join the market with your Arts & Crafts product and talents!

We have 20 small sites available across the market so there are plenty of ways to be involved with your Arts & Crafts!

Nick Nacks

Odds and ends are welcome - what you have may be another person's treasure

Share your range of nick nacks, books, clothing, collectables or whatever else you want to put on display in your small site!

Applications are ongoing with site locations confirmed 2 weeks prior to the market

Sites are allocated by type of offering in mind to ensure diversity of areas.  However if you would like to choose a site we will take that into consideration when allocating sites - download site map in PDF in the link. Please note, this is map from Sat, 26th October and is subject to change for upcoming markets.


Site payments are due 7 days of receipt of confirmation as per instructions in confirmation information pack

Set up and Pack Down:

Arrival time of 8am to set up before 10am opening with pack down by 4pm (2 hours after market ends)

Vehicle access is available until 9am with convenient parking on the grounds for access to your vehicle throughout the day. Vehicle access to sites will open again at 3pm

We suggest efficient use of vehicle access times to ensure safety, access and space for others - drop off, park vehicle in car park and then set up. Load out - pack down and then bring vehicle in for pick up

Anything else?

For any questions, our friendly staff can assist in the lead up or on the day 

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